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1-21-19: It is Martin Luther  King Day. It is very cold here in Rhode Island. In some places the temperature is below zero. In Jamestown, it is 7 degrees. Our mascot Bella prefers to be inside. We are all looking forward to Spring. This is the time for staying inside. I am planning to do some telephone work and to plan for developing more of this web page. Perhaps, later today and tomorrow, I will jack up my 32 coupe and start to look at what projects will be done before April. 

We are doing well with confirming shows and cruises for 2019. We have 30 shows booked thus far with many others, details are being worked out. We are very happy about confirming a new show with the New England Mustang club. Details on this will be posted sooon. Also, a new cruise & show at the Pheonix Restaurant & Entertainment center has been confirmed. Although it is still early, we are a bit ahead of last year. It looks like DJ Car-Guy Productions is growing more popular. I am happy that the DJ Car-Guy team has expanded to meet the needs of additional shows and cruises. I am excited about the new DJ's. They completed a seminar with DJ Car-Guy to help them replicate our services and song lists. Until next time, keep cruisin' my friends.

2-10-19: Hello everyone. Happy Sunday. I saw on Facebook that there is 30 days before there is a time change. Most of the comments were "can't wait).  It will be Spring before we know it!  In the meantime, many of us will be working on our Winter projects. I really do not have much to do  on my Deuce. I will just  have to change the oil and do a lube job on it. Then, in early Spring, it will be going over to Sunshine auto for some special detailing.  See their web link on my sponsor page. (Very happy that Ray and his team will work their magic.)

If your on this web, you can see some of the changes from previous formats. Stay tuned; it is a work in progress. Please return and visit often for updates and additions. Please share information with your friends.





Planners of Events

Initially, DJ Car-Guy was just that. He was a guy who plugged in his computer, played the music, and made announcements. However, we have become much more. DJ Car-Guy Productions is an event planner who offers  advertising of the event, forms for the event, flyer development and design, specialized song lists, advice on award categories, trophies and more. We do not charge more for the services that we offer.  DJ Car-Guy Productions will provide you with a rain-date at no addition charge.  For cruise nights, we offer the first night free.

Special for New Clients

Call DJ Car-Guy at 401-575-6933 to discuss this special offer--NEW CLIENTS WILL RECEIVE A FREE LISTING ON THIS WEB-SITE FOR ONE YEAR.  





Ocean Tides School Narragansett, R.I.


Message from Brother James Martino


February 2019" width="5"/>
In My House....When a young man arrives to Ocean Tides, it is my special and unique opportunity to welcome him to my house. I always get a strange look for the newcomer and a pause. Then one of the other young men will clarify, ya, he really lives here and is around all the time. And I then say, let me know if you need anything or how things are going anytime‚Ķ.and his stay at Ocean Tides is off and running.

The joy or opportunity created by this being my home, with 16 other Christian Brothers, is that I do get that informal time with our young men, and I also get to watch the great work that goes on, not just during the typical work day. Perhaps I walk through the residential quarters at 8 pm at night and get a few casual moments with our young men or get to catch our residential counselors resolving a conflict or deescalating a misunderstanding between some of our young men. Perhaps I come over to help take care of a sick kid or take someone struggling for a walk on the rocks by the ocean. It is the opportunity to watch a boy care for one of my senior brothers during a meal and thank the young men serving in the Brothers Dining Room over the week end. At most meal times, I can walk next door to the other dining room and check in on things. Sometimes I get to take them for ice cream to talk, or a URI hockey game, or to drop someone off or pick them up from work, because at times you just need to get off the property for bit.

I get to see staff who stayed to tutor after school, or are offering an enrichment class in fiscal literacy, or life skills or music. I can watch our young men learn problem solving skills on the ropes course. I can check in on the progress of the group working to build their own computer, or the student in a quiet space reading because since he got his GED, he is taking online college classes to keep his education going. In good weather I can wave from my porch as the van returns from a community service trip. I watch staff share ideas and caring and wisdom in the causal interaction during causal times, or while sitting with kids at table during a meal. Relationships with caring folks is at the center of this Lasallian mission.

Overall, I get to affirm that our Lasallian values centered around touching the hearts of young people and caring through relationships is happening all the time here at Ocean Tides, and perhaps making this place a bit more caring and supportive for our group of teenagers. 

Much goes on early in the morning, late at night and on the weekends. It is my privilege to be along on the journey of caring with these young men and support the adult community of Ocean Tides that goes above and beyond to care for the young men and support each other, we in fact welcome each young man...
... To Our Home." width="228"/>" width="5"/>

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