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DJ Car-Guy Announces His Retirement




  I have decided to retire after the 2019 season to spend more time with family and to have the freedom to travel. The past several years have permitted me the enjoyment of meeting so many car people who have permitted me to entertain them at all of types of car events. DJ Car-Guy Productions has grown to be one of the largest and popular DJ/ Hosts for Car Shows. We are doing over 60 car shows this season and several cruise nights. Many of our clients come back to us year after year. Hopefully, this will all continue under new management and ownership. Presently, the Company, DJ Car-Guy Productions has been sold. This includes the Trailer, all other equipment, music files, name, web page, and other. It is our hope that the fine service and reputation that we have developed over the past ten years will continue.  Rich George, DJ Car-Guy, will join a steering committee as a partner in the Business. He will work with a manager to schedule shows and other events. 

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  • 10-25-19: See calendar for VFW Show information. 
  • 10-9-19:  Please note that the car show at VFW 449 in West Warwick, RI has been postponed from Saturday, October 12 to Saturday, October 26 as a result of pending stormy weather. A new flyer will be posted soon. 
  • 9-28-19: Looking forward to a wonderful show weekend. Today, we will be in Cumberland, RI at Chapel Hill (Formerly Brookdale Cumberland). This is our 8th year working with the wonderful staff  there. We are up over 100 cars. It get's better each year.  Chapel Hill Cumberland, 10 Old Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, R.I. Trophies, Free Food, Doughnuts , Coffee, Trophies, Raffles, Crafts, and more. 
  • 9-29-19: 28th Annual Central Falls Car Show, Dexter Street, Central Falls, R.I. with over 300 cars, trophies, live Bands, DJ Car Guy Hosting, Robert Black "Elvis Impersonator",  Doowop Group, and more.

  •  those car owners and visitors as well for their support and loyalty during this season. 

  1. The Memorial Car Show at Rocky Point Clam Shack has been canceled on Saturday, Sept. 22. We will see everyone on Sunday at the Impossible Dream Car Show, 575 Centerville Raod, Warwick, RI.

  • 9-12-19: The following cruises have been completed for the season: Monday-Woonsocket, Monday-Oak Harbor, Tuesday-Oakland Beach, Wednesday-Classic Express Cafe, Friday-Rocky Point Clam Shack. Today, 9-12-19, is the last Thursday for the Johnston Street Machines Cruise at Denny's. The Cruise at Boneyard Grill will continue.
  • 9-6-19:  The Boneyard Grill Cruise is cancelled for tonight because of the forecast of rain and heavy winds from Hurricane Dorian.  We are looking mm to one of our biggest and best car shows on Sunday, the John Martins' Tow and Car Show at McCoy Stadiu\m in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
  • 8/28/19: Cruise Night at the Classic Express Cafe is postponed until next Wednesday because of rain. See you in Johnston tomorrow at Denny's , Hartford Ave. , Johnston, RI
  • 8/27/19: Oakland Beach Cruise Night will be on tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone for our Tuesday Night Cruise.  Wednesday night, I will be at the Classic Express Cafe on Atwood Avenue in Johnston, RI. from 4 pm to 8 pm. Thursday, I will be at Denny's in Johnston, RI. Friday, I will be at the Boneyard Grill in Hopkinton, RI.  and Harry Ball will represent DJ Car-Guy Producti.ons at the Rocky Point Clam Shack in Warwick, RI.

  • 8/14/19: Announcing a  new Wedneday Night Cruise in Johnston, RI at the Classic Cafe. See Cruise Night Page for details. Starts next Wednesday.
  • 8-8-19: August marks the half-way point for our season. This will be an outstanding month with some of my favorite car shows.  Please ask for a hard-copy of the calendar. DJ Car  updates them weekly. 
  • 7-22-19: After a hot weekend that permitted only the serious car people to come out on Saturday and Sunday, we are now faced with a wet Monday. The cruise at Market Square on Main Street in Woonsocket has been postponed until next Monday, July 29. Thrne Cruise at Oak Harbor Village Mall in Exeter is cancelled for tonight as well. The expectation is for heavy rain. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

7-23-19: Oakland Beach Cruise Night canceled for tonight because of RAIN.

7-22-19: After a hot weekend that permitted only the serious car people to come out on Saturday and Sunday, we are now faced with a wet Monday. The cruise at Market Square on Main Street in Woonsocket has been postponed until next Monday, July 29. The Cruise at Oak Harbor Village Mall in Exeter is cancelled for tonight as well. The expectation is for heavy rain. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

7-21-19 :   Today, our feature show is at Oak Harbor Village/Mall in Exeter, RI. This is a show on grass and shade. It is an oasis for car people. It will be a laid back show with trophies, give-a-ways, and more. Music by Rich George,  aka, DJ Car-Guy.  Got to go now and hope to see you there. The flyer is on the Flyer Page 2.  Regards.


  • Please note that the Main City of Woonsocket Car Cruise @ Market Square will be on Mondays. July 22 and August 19  on South Main Street. New flyer on Flyer Page.
  • Denny's is cancelled for tonight 7-28-19 because of rain.
  • Trinity Health Center Car Show was moved to next Wednesday July 24 from 3 pm to 7 pm.  Free Registration. Awards at 7 pm.  Trinity Health Center is located at 4 Joseph Street, Woonsocket, RI.  Goody Bags and Jegs Hats for first 15 Cars.

7/16/19:  Oakland Beach Cruise Night tonight with beautiful weather. Plan on coming to the mid-week car show tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Trinity Health Center in Woonsocket, RI. (4 Joseph Street, Woonsocket, RI  Registration is free. 3 pm to 7 pm. 

7-12-19:  Canceled Boneyard Cruise tonight and Rocky Point Clam Shack Cruise Tonight.  Plan to join us on Sunday at Fort Getty, Jamestown, RI for the Classics By The Sea Show. No other show can compare, Change your plans for this super show. We have invested in offering the best trophies, best food, give-a-ways, and more.  Great fundraiser for the  Greater Warwick Lions.

7-1-19:  July is finally here. This week cruises at Oak Harbor, Oakland Beach, Denny's, Boneyard Grill, and Rocky Point Clam Shack. This great cruise calendar makes everyone's week go well. On Sunday, DJ Car-Guy will be the Host and DJ for the Show of Shows at R1 Karting. This will be one of the premiere shows of the season with a large number of show vehicles second to none. There will be vendors, lots of large and beautiful trophies. Please do not miss this one. Fundraiser for the John Martins Foundation.

6-30-19: After a  great car show at Woods Tavern yesterday, the   America Car Show originally scheduled for today; June 30, at Rocky Point Clam Shack has been postponed because of impending storms. A rain date will soon be announced .  Once again storms in the forecast are disapointing !

6-21-19:  We will be at the Boneyard tonight. The weather is going to improve there. The Rocky Pt. Clam Shack canceled for tonight. Looking forward to better weather tomorrow for the two scheduled shows on Saturday and Sunday.

6-20-19:  It is already the 20th of June. We are just getting started with some great shows and cruises. Now the weather has to cooperate. We have had a wet season for most of April, May and part of June. However, some of the best and biggest DJ Car-Events are about to happen.

  • This weekend on Saturday will be the 3rd  Annual St. Mark's & West Shore Health Center Show.  We will be in the large lot between the Church and the Health Center. This show has been very successful for the past two years with many vendors. DJ  Johnny Nardo will represent DJ Car-Guy Productions. DJ Car-Guy will be this show with his 32 Ford Coupe just hanging out and enjoying the day. I hope to see you there. We should have a fun day with great weather. 
  • On Sunday, the Annual Fire-up Your Engines Show will be at the Boneyard Grill. We have some big trophies for this one with many categories. Come down and experience this show and you will not be sorry. DJ Car-Guy Rich George will host the show. For details on these show check out the "flyer page".
  • Tonight,  DJ Car-Guy will be at Denny's in Johnston for our cruise night (weather Permitting) and Friday night at the Boneyard Grill.
  • Please check us out on Facebook. Friend Rich George if you have not done so.
  • Some new shows are in the works.


  • DJ Car-Guy is back on line. Please check here fro updates. 
  • DJ Car-Guy's new address for U.S. Mail is DJ Car-Guy Productions, 11A   Justine Circle, Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917. 
  • Watching the weather for our Woonsocket Monthly Main Street Cruise today at 5 pm.  
  • Cruise Nights at Eddies 529 Club on Wednesdays and the Tamarack on Thursdays have been completed for the season.  

6/12/19: Apologies:  We were off line for a few days to change our internet service to our new address. If you need to reach Rich call 401-575-6933. Our internet will be back sometime Friday morning.

  • 5/29/19: The Cruise at Eddies 529 Club is cancelled because of Rain tonight. See you next  Wednesday at the 529 Club.
  • Oakland Beach is cancelled for today. We expect rain and cold weather. See you next Tuesday.
  • 5/25/19: All future shows and cruise nights at the Flame Restaurant  and Southway Plaza have been canceled as DJ Car-Events. 
  • 5/23/19: The Car Cruise Night at the Patriot's Diner in Woonsocket, RI is permanently canceled.
  • 5/22/19: 

  1. Great opening night at Oakland Beach last night with warm, dry weather and so many beautiful cars and trucks. Lots of visitors. We are back at the beach. If you missed it last night, we hop to see you there next Tuesday.
  2. Denny's will be starting Thursday June 1 and will run through August. DJ Car-Guy Rich George is planning to be there for year number 5 with the Johnston Street Machines.
  3. Please note that the Phoenix Cruise has been canceled until they receive their permit from the Town of Pawcatuck, Ct.

  • 5/20/19: 

  1. We have decided to take the Phoenix Restaurant and Cruise and Car Show off the DJ Car-Guy Calendar. The cruise was scheduled for Tuesdays and the show was for later in the season. The reason for the removal was permit issues. from the town.
  2.  After a shaky weather start yesterday, the Veterans Memorial Car Shows brought in over 75 cars and turned out to be a great day for all. Trophies were given out for each show. All and all, it was a nice day. If you could not be there, we hope to see you next week. Prayers  for Russell Smith who is in the hospital. Get well quick my friend.
  3. The Show and Cruise night on 5/19/19 at the Flame Restaurant in Falll River was rained out yesterday. We will start our first show and cruise night next Sunday weather permitting.
  4. Tonight, we are watching the weather for the Cruise at Oak Harbor Mall. 

  • 5/1919: Today is one of the super-shows on the DJ Car-Guy Calendar. There will be 8 shows in one. When you arrive at the Clam Shack/Firestone Tire, please look for the signs: Cadillac, Chevy, Ford, MOPAR, Buick, Pontiac, Etc. Can't wait with the great weather forecast ahead. It is now 6 am and we are 3 hrs. before start time. I will be off soon to get everything set up.
  • 5/18/19: I am very sorry to announce the passing of our good friend and car-guy Louis Annunziata. Louie, we will miss you driving your 55 Black Chevy and your 66 Blue Chevelle. Our sincere thoughts go out to Lou's wife AnnMarie and daughters. Lou was the kind of friend who would help anyone and was a follower of DJ Car-Guy Productions from its conception.  Lou's arrangements will be listed on the Anderson Winfield Funeral Home (Smithfield -Greenville, RI)  on Rte 44, see Web page-refer to obituaries. The visiting hours will be Monday, 4-7 pm and the Funeral will be on Tuesday with 9 am service at St. Philips Church.
  • 5/13/19: Oak Harbor Cruise Night has been canceled for tonight, Monday, 5/13/19 because of rain and cold weather. We will see you next Monday weather permitting. 
  • 5/12/19 The Cruise at Southway Plaza/Flame Restaurant is canceled for tonight. We will see you as soon as the weather cooperates. Hopefully, we will be able to open this cruise next Sunday. 
  • 5\10\19: Boneyard Barbecue Friday Night Cruise is canceled for tonight May 10, We will try opening for the season next Friday after 4 Fridays in a row with rain!  Sunday's Show
    "Dust Off Car Show" at Rocky Point Clam Shack and Firestone Tire has been postponed to May 25, Saturday.  The rainy weather has been awful for our hobby. Let's look forward to better times. This Saturday looks good for the show at the Warwick Mall for "Cars Supporting Military Travelers" Car Show. See you at the Mall.
  • 5/9/19:  Last nights show at Jimmies 529 Club went well with a near full parking lot. There were a great number of visitors that were admiring the classic and collector cars. DJ Joe Martini represented DJ Car-Guy Productions and did a great job. Tonight, DJ Rich George will be at the Patriot's Diner in Woonsocket for our weekly cruise on Thursday Nights. This will be the first good weather night. Let's make this one a success. Come on out. See flyer on "flyer page" or on Facebook. 
  • 5/7/19: Hoping that weather is turning itself around. We will not start the Tuesday Night Cruises at Oakland Beach and the Phoenix Entertainment Center until May 21. Tomorrow night Wednesdday, we will have the second cruise night at Eddies 521 Club in Warwick, Thursday, we will be up at the Patriot's Diner in Woonsocket, and also at the Tamarack for the 2nd/4th Thursday of the month. Friday, we are looking for dry weather so that we can start the Boneyard Grill Cruise. Saturday, we will be at the Warwick Mall for  Cars Support Military Travelers Show and Sunday for the Dust-Off Car Show/Mother's Day Show.  LET THE FUN BEGIN!
  • 5/3/19: Rainy, Cold, Damp weather forecasts for the weekend are causing cancellations and postponements of shows: 

  1. Friday: Boneyard GRill's Friday Night Cruise is canceled Friday for the the 3rd week in a row. We will try our opening night next Friday, May 10, 2019 (weather permitting).
  2. Sunday: Flame Restaurant Cruise Night opening is postponed until next Sunday on May 12, 2019
  3. Sunday: The Dust off Car Show has been cancelled Sunday and postponed to Sunday, May 12 (Mothers' Day).
  4. Sunday: The Dust Them Off Spring Car Show has been postponed to August 3rd Saturday.

  • 4/30/29: New flyer for "7th Annual Cruisin' For St. Jude's" Show on October 20 is posted on Flyer Page with a change of location to Tollgate High School.
  • 4/30/19: Last night's opening at Oak Harbor Mall in Exeter went very well. DJ Car-Guy Johnny Nardo did an outstanding job playing some great music. 
  • 4/28/19 Southway Plaza Cruise canceled because of inclement weather (Too Cold, Damp, Predicted Rain).  April Showers bring May Flowers and Car Show Season. Let's hop so my friends!
  • 4/28/19 Sunday, Dust Off Car Show postponed to May 5, Sunday because of rain showers
  • 4/26/19 Boneyard Canceled for tonight  because of rain
  • 4/18/19: The Opening Night for the Boneyard Cruise Night has been postponed to Friday because of rain and wind.
  • 4/18/19: Phoenix Entertainment & Dining Cruise Night on hold until after Town Meeting. We are thinking that the start date will be May 21. Stay tuned for announcements on this. We are working on it!
  • 4/21/19: Happy Easter to all my friends and relatives. Enjoy your day with family and friends. After Easter, the car season officially starts. With good weather, DJ Car-Guy Productions will be in full swing this season with 68 weekend car shows and 11 cruise nights scheduled each week. Please check the calendar page and flyer pages for details.  We will have a brief delay at the Phoenix cruise because the Pawcatuck Town Council meeting is not until May 8. Once we get a permit in Pawcatuck , we will be able to proceed at th Phoenix.  





Planners of Events

Initially, DJ Car-Guy was just that. He was a guy who plugged in his computer, played the music, and made announcements. However, we have become much more. DJ Car-Guy Productions is an event planner who offers  advertising of the event, forms for the event, flyer development and design, specialized song lists, advice on award categories, trophies and more. We do not charge more for the services that we offer.  DJ Car-Guy Productions will provide you with a rain-date at no addition charge.  For cruise nights, we offer the first night free.

Special for New Clients

Call DJ Car-Guy at 401-575-6933 to discuss this special offer--NEW CLIENTS WILL RECEIVE A FREE LISTING ON THIS WEB-SITE FOR ONE YEAR.  





Ocean Tides School Narragansett, R.I.


Message from Brother James Martino


February 2019
In My House....When a young man arrives to Ocean Tides, it is my special and unique opportunity to welcome him to my house. I always get a strange look for the newcomer and a pause. Then one of the other young men will clarify, ya, he really lives here and is around all the time. And I then say, let me know if you need anything or how things are going anytime….and his stay at Ocean Tides is off and running.

The joy or opportunity created by this being my home, with 16 other Christian Brothers, is that I do get that informal time with our young men, and I also get to watch the great work that goes on, not just during the typical work day. Perhaps I walk through the residential quarters at 8 pm at night and get a few casual moments with our young men or get to catch our residential counselors resolving a conflict or deescalating a misunderstanding between some of our young men. Perhaps I come over to help take care of a sick kid or take someone struggling for a walk on the rocks by the ocean. It is the opportunity to watch a boy care for one of my senior brothers during a meal and thank the young men serving in the Brothers Dining Room over the week end. At most meal times, I can walk next door to the other dining room and check in on things. Sometimes I get to take them for ice cream to talk, or a URI hockey game, or to drop someone off or pick them up from work, because at times you just need to get off the property for bit.

I get to see staff who stayed to tutor after school, or are offering an enrichment class in fiscal literacy, or life skills or music. I can watch our young men learn problem solving skills on the ropes course. I can check in on the progress of the group working to build their own computer, or the student in a quiet space reading because since he got his GED, he is taking online college classes to keep his education going. In good weather I can wave from my porch as the van returns from a community service trip. I watch staff share ideas and caring and wisdom in the causal interaction during causal times, or while sitting with kids at table during a meal. Relationships with caring folks is at the center of this Lasallian mission.

Overall, I get to affirm that our Lasallian values centered around touching the hearts of young people and caring through relationships is happening all the time here at Ocean Tides, and perhaps making this place a bit more caring and supportive for our group of teenagers. 

Much goes on early in the morning, late at night and on the weekends. It is my privilege to be along on the journey of caring with these young men and support the adult community of Ocean Tides that goes above and beyond to care for the young men and support each other, we in fact welcome each young man...
... To Our Home. 




The Platters The Great Pretender

Memories from the 50's

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