Rich George, a.k.a.,  Richard L. George, Ph.D., was an experienced  teacher, principal and central office school administrator, He retired from Rhode Island and Massachusetts schools after total  of 43 years. Rich's hobbies and passions  were classic cars and music. Two years before retirement, Rich and his wife Leah, purchased a 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe. Although Rich had several muscle cars in the '60's and 70's and a few sports cars, this was Rich's first street rod. Soon after Rich joined a street rod club and started attending local and national car shows. Since Rich was an audiophile and music collector, it did not take him long to realize that he had the skills to plan and implement his own shows. DJ Car-Guy started and continues to do car events as fundraisers or to provide an activity for those in need. These days Rich spends his time as the President of DJ Car-Guy Productions and with his wife and their children and grand children and with the DJ Car-Guy Mascot Bella. 



Hot Rod Lincoln by Junior Brown

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All Makes & Models Car Events

DJ Car-Guy Productions Offers:

  • Total Planning & Implementation of Car Events
  • Extensive Experience and Knowledge of Music & Car Events
  • Fundraising and Advertising for events
  • Unbeatable prices with professional service and equipment
  • Rain Dates  for all  car shows 


  •  Assistance in developing a plan for an annual car show or car cruise that will raise funds, increase business, and will support your presence in the community.  
  • Competitively priced packages to support your fundraising efforts.
  • More music of all genres  based on a collection from the 1950's to 1980's.
  • Equipment and back-up equipment second to none for all size car events that results in clear, crisp sound. 
  • A growing following of collector, classic, and antique car enthusiasts who will come to your car event and make it a success.​


To accommodate  more classic car shows  and cruise-ins as well as party of all types,  DJ Car-Guy Productions will now offer a team of DJ-Hosts. All of whom have had years of experience and who have received training at seminars conducted by DJ Car-Guy. This means that we will be able to offer choices to our clients on dates that they would prefer, expand DJ Car-Guy Events to other states and provide back-up at events. It will also allow the classic and collector car community more options on venues.

DJ Car-Guy Host DJ's will include the following:

  • Joe Martino: Joined the DJ Car-Guy Team in 2017 with experience in a variety of events including Car -Shows
  • Ken Pontrelli: Ken joined the Dj Car -Guy Team in 2018 with experience doing a variety of events including car shows.
  • Johnny Nardo: Johnny Nardo joined the DJ Car-Guy Team in 2019 with experience as a Radio Personality and  DJ on a variety of local radio stations as a DJ and  more.  Johnny has and in-depth knowledge of 50's, 60's and 70's music. He has also been a DJ at a variety of events.
  • Harry Ball comes to the DJ Car-Guy Team in 2019 with a history of DJ Experience.
  • Jack Cottle is a retired music teacher who has a passion for music and is an active DJ in his own right. Jack knows the music and gets everyone to enjoy the car show scene.
  • Rich George, DJ Car-Guy, founder and CEO of DJ Car-Guy Productions. Rich is responsible for booking all car and bike events.  As an owner of a classic cars Rich has been a long-time member of the car hobby and has a passion for music.  He hosts many of the larger shows and provides back-up for the other DJ's.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this mean DJ Car-Guy Rich will be retiring?  No, it means that Rich George  will be able to do other venues and continue with the larger shows. It will also Rich a chance to drive his Deuce Coupe to shows in and out of state.
  • How many cars can DJ Car-Guy Productions bring to our show?  This will depend upon the weather and a variety of other factors. But we have a following of over 150 cars. Not all of them will be available the day of your show. The big thing is location and date of your event.
  • Do you take requests?  Yes, we take and play all requests.
  •  Do you permit burnouts?  No burnouts unless the client provides a burnout pit and safety precautions are taken. 
  • Do you carry liability insurance?  Yes
  • Can you assist us in having food vendors attend our event?   Yes
  • Can you assist us with award categories and trophies?   Yes, we have a few vendors that work with us that are reasonably priced and provide great service.
  • Does DJ Car-Guy offer rain dates? Yes, we offer rain dates. There is no extra charge for reserving a rain date.